Prospects of Casino Table Games in W Virginia is Anyones Guess

Prospects of Casino Table Games in W. Virginia is Anyone’s Guess

In addition to the State of Florida, add West Virginia to the list of U.S. States who have good chances of getting casino style table games on the floors of casinos located within State borders. Although nothing has been “officially” done in Florida just yet, it is true that Governor Charlie Krist has opened discussions with the Seminole tribe to possibly bring Class III gambling into Florida. In West Virginia, however, getting table games within the state is only days away from getting passed into law.

Proponents of casino gambling in West Virginia thought they had their wish come true following a referendum vote this last Saturday. Garnering a very narrow victory over the nay’s (thirty-three votes to be exact), the Kanawha County Commission now says they are considering doing a recount of the 586 challenged ballots. It is expected that a recount will be demanded no matter what, which will very likely delay the final outcome by days, weeks or possibly even longer.

Commission President, Kent Carper, said that legal challenges to the recount are a likely possibility as well, which could delay things even longer. In addition to the nearly 600 ballots being challenged, allegations have arisen citing the improper placement of signs at some voting precincts. Just how these signs had a part in influencing the vote outcome (perhaps causing many people to not cast their vote), remains to be seen.

There are also concerns that 155 early ballots should have been counted late Saturday, which workers forgot to count and include in the final vote results. If you want to put money on it, save it for the casino, because this one might get a re-vote folks. Better yet, you might even want to save it for a casino outside of West Virginia.