TellPoker Joins MicroGamings Online Poker Network

TellPoker Joins MicroGaming’s Online Poker Network

TellPoker has announced they have joined the MicroGaming Systems Poker Network, which also includes a new, generous structure to their shareholder program. TellPoker operates according to what is commonly called the Pokershare style, which allows players and members of the online poker room to become shareholders in the company as well.

Under the new terms of joining the MicroGaming Network, TellPoker stated it will be giving away 40% of its revenue and 20% of company shares during the first year-and-a-half of business. In addition to the stock options, TellPoker also operates a generous affiliate program for those who are in the business of referring players to online poker rooms. Co-founder of TellPoker, Mathias Ringblom, commented the company was very excited to join the MicroGaming Poker network, as well as having access to the many satellite poker tournaments giving players an opportunity to win seats in some of the most popular poker tournaments in the world.

One of the most popular features at Tell Poker right now is the chance to become a member of the TellPoker Pro Team, under the leadership and guidance of poker pros, Jonas Norrman and Andreas Hurtig. Those players who submit an application to express their interest will have an opportunity to show off their poker playing skills at the upcoming European Poker Tournament in Barcelona, Spain. Scheduled in September, the tournament will bring together online poker satellite tournament winners from around the world.

The MicroGaming Poker Network currently has over forty card rooms and one of the busiest tournament schedules on the internet. With the inclusion of TellPoker’s large database of players, players should expect to see larger overall jackpots, although exact extent of this influx remains to be seen.